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Corset & Diamonds proudly offers an atmosphere of integration and diversity – we particularly celebrate women, rebellious fashionistas, nostalgic dreamers, gender illusionists, flamboyant pioneers, proud fetishistas, radical androgynes and sexually ambivalent revolutionaries.


Everyone is encouraged to dress up, enjoy the shows, indulge in the music, drink vintage cocktails and have an amazing time.

Our simple rules:  Respect, Glamour & Dignity.



What is Burlesque?


Burlesque is the art of entertainment where risqué becomes the norm and what was an underground satiric activity is becoming crowd gathering popular.


Corset & Diamonds name is synonymous with World class burlesque performances.


Our music is carefully selected and we often mix live vinyl classics with contemporary rhythmns, bringing to the party the unique & exquisite “Electro Swing” sound that has people celebrating the night and that it is exclusive to Corset & Diamonds. With over 2,000, original and timeless, the crowd


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Alternative vintage and burlesque events for sophisticated individuals who enjoy pushing boundaries.

Life made glamorous!


Pop-up events with sensual burlesque, risqué cabaret, daring circus shows and exquisitely remixed old-fashioned music and Electro Swing.


We also produce tailor-made parties and corporate events. Please get in touch to find out how we can make your special occasion delightfully unforgettable.

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We are proud to announce we are producing a new, fabulous event: Femme Fatale.

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