• Welcome to Corset & Diamonds

    Out of love and great admiration for utter glamour and black and white film, Corset & Diamonds was born.

    What better than getting transported into a different era where elegance was a must and a dazzling look was paramount?

    How about creating a delightful atmosphere that empowered women allowing them to wear as much or as little as they wish?

    How about the most glamorous burlesque shows, delicious vintage cocktails, and the best collection of old time swing, rock, bebop, jazz, and new electro swing music to add to the experience?

    Results: Astounding guests dressed in a superb vintage manner, enjoying the evening and leaving with a fabulous feeling inside.

    If we can achieve this in each of our events we would have accomplished our mission.

    Monica Martinez

    - and the Corset and Diamonds team



Corset and Diamonds

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