Corset  and  Diamonds

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Corset and Diamonds events have been featured in The London Paper, the Polish journal Wprost, Made In Japan Magazine, Timeout, Erotic Bible to Europe and CLMag.


Corset & Diamonds are the Burlesque Parties for girls and their friends. They are all about vintage fashion, burlesque performances and dressing up.  Men are welcome but they will have to be accompanied by their female hosts - To ensure a comfortable atmosphere and empower women.


A place to dress up and feel outmost comfortable and able to express yourself - You are welcome to be someone else for the night: Think icons from old films with great style.


All guests will follow the rules of Respect, Glamour and Dignity or you will be asked to leave.


Show off your wardrobe and imagination by dressing in vintage, burlesque style (think corset, diamonds, mini hat, net, glitter, sparkle, dinner suit, velvet, flowers, lingerie, feathers, fascinators,  sequins, gloves, beauty spot, bow tie, braces, fake moustaches, cabaret, theatrical clothes, lace, top hat, veil, bustier, basque, fishnets, heels, boots, polka dots, fake eyelashes, ribbons ...), Hollywood Glamour, Pin-ups, Rat Pack, Cabaret, Pearl Harbour, Tipping the Velvet and Moulin Rouge.


This is just a cool Saturday night party for you and your friends.


A place for beautiful people inside and out!


Being beautiful is not about having the perfect bone structure but about making an effort on how you present yourself and keeping your cool always!


Great music and a fabulous atmosphere that only you will help create.


We don't want just anybody. You will invite your friends and they will invite theirs.


Music: Burlesque, Jazz, Electro Swing, Rock and Roll, Swing and big band - Just feel-good-sexy music!


Please note that unless you specify otherwise, entry to the Burlesque and Electro Swing events may be your claim  to fame as you may be photographed or videoed and this may be used to promote Corset & Diamonds in the future.